Maybe This Daniel Craig SNL Promo Is Why the Bond Movie Got Delayed

James Bond: Smooth. Suave. A loose cannon? In the new promo for Daniel Craig’s upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, which airs March 7, the English action star talks about how excited he is to exercise his comedic chops, and proceeds to karate chop Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, and Chris Redd. Could this behind-the-scenes footage of inappropriately violent outbursts from its star be the reason No Time to Die’s release date was just pushed back to the end of the year? Of course not, although it is strange that Craig’s hosting duties will now be promo for a movie that won’t be out for over half a year. It’s also strange that this promo squanders the very obvious opportunity for Craig to punch Colin Jost, he of the Very Punchable Face. No matter. The trailer also has Craig promising funny accents, meaning we’ll hopefully see a Benoit Blanc sketch. The Weeknd will be the musical guest, presumably to raise awareness of Uncut Gems coming to Netflix in May. Coronavirus may keep people from going to see No Time to Die in theaters, but it can’t stop us from rewatching Gems from the comfort of our individual quarantines.

Maybe This Daniel Craig SNL Promo Is Why 007 Got Delayed