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I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This But There’s a Sondheim Disco Album

Photo: Losing My Mind: A Sondheim Disco Fever Dream

Have you ever sat through a production of Into the Woods and thought, This is good, but you know what would make it even better … if “No One Is Alone” was performed as a stripped-down 1970s piano ballad. Or have you ever found your mind wishing, while listening to “Somewhere” from West Side Story, that it would be better if it were mashed up with “Giants in the Sky” and doused with a significant amount of funk? Well, first, what the hell is wrong with your brain? Seek help immediately. And second, I have great news for you. There is an album coming out this spring to sooth your very broken brain. Losing My Mind: A Sondheim Fever Dream will be available digitally on March 20 and in stores in April from Broadway Records.

The brainchild of Scott Wasserman and Joshua Hinck, the album features 40 Sondheim songs — some as mash-ups and medleys and some alone, truly — on the 12-track album. (It’s adapted from a 2018 concert.) Sondheim himself approved the project, sending along a personal note wishing the duo luck with the album. “Which we are definitely framing,” Hinck told Vulture. Anyway, here’s “Wonderwall,” an exclusive listen to a four-minute megamix of disco-ified Sondheim tracks.

Here’s a Sondheim Disco Album Because Why Not