Disney Drops Frozen 2 Three Months Early to Help Get You Through Our Collective Self-Quarantine

Photo: Disney

That sharp intake of breath you’ve been holding in since you found out your child’s school or daycare will be temporarily closed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak? Let it go. On Friday, Disney announced their decision to help parents everywhere get through our collective self-quarantine with their sanity intact. Instead of waiting three more months as the initial release date dictated, Disney will be releasing Frozen 2 to Disney+ on Sunday, March 15, with Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand able to watch the wildly-successful sequel on Tuesday, March 17.

According to a statement issued by the company, the surprise release is intended to bring some cheer to your COVID-19 gloom, with the drop hopefully “surprising families with some fun and joy during this challenging period.” Of course, if they really wanted to help parents, they could have dropped Frozen 2 right now ahead of the weekend, but the film’s arrival will be all the sweeter when it comes after you and your kids have already spent a day or two trapped in the house.

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Disney Does Parents a Solid, Decides to Drop Frozen 2 Early