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Disney+ Is Working on a Gaston and LeFou Prequel for Some Reason

“Le mouthfeel.” Photo: Walt Disney Pictures/Moviestore/Shutterstock

Noooo oooone swerves like Josh Gad
Gets on nerves like Josh Gad
No one’s work no one wants or deserves like Josh Gad

Clearly, word got back to Disney that audiences are upset and offended by the megasuperconglomerate’s (the word studio feels so quaint) decision to move Love, Simon spinoff Love, Victor from its intended home of Disney+ to Hulu, claiming its “adult themes” (including “sexual exploration”) made it a poor fit for the family-oriented streaming service. Many LGBTQ+ audiences countered that gay sexuality and love need not be coded as inherently “inappropriate,” particularly from a company that never seems to argue that straight romances or gun violence is “inappropriate” or “not for families.” So in what appears to be a well-timed effort to garner some goodwill, Disney has announced a new Disney+ series about its most beloved canonically queer characters. No, not Elsa. (And it would appreciate if you stop bringing that up.) No, not the lesbian cyclops cop from Onward. Not even Bucky and Steve. No, Disney+ is proud to present an origin story about … live-action Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad) from the 2017 Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast.

Yep. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the six-episode miniseries will be helmed by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the honest-to-goodness madmen behind Once Upon a Time, the late green-screen fairy-tale corporate crossover extravaganza that ran for seven seasons on ABC and made Cats seem not that weird in contrast. Balancing out their madcap sensibilities will be “co-creator, writer and showrunner” … Josh Gad. Oh my Gad. This announcement doesn’t explicitly mention any “exclusively gay moments,” but that’s not to say we won’t get an Olaf-centric love scene when we least expect it. Sources say the series “is in the early development stages” and will “expand the Beauty and the Beast universe,” the Beast-i-verse, if you will, because everything has to be a “universe” now and not just “cartoon France.” Alan Menken is reportedly “in talks” as well for this six-episode musical event — wait, it’s a musical too?

Howard Ashman deserved better than this.

Disney+ Is Working on a Gaston and LeFou Prequel