And Now Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Has Arrived Early Too

Photo: Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Despite the crowds of people still inexplicably flocking to enclosed public spaces, Disney is giving you the benefit of the doubt and dropping its new releases early to reward you for your coronavirus-inspired self-quarantining. After dropping Frozen 2 approximately three months early for your no-doubt supremely bored children, Disney made Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker available for digital purchase on Friday, a few days before its planned Tuesday, March 17 release.

As a bonus, according to Entertainment Weekly, you can enjoy The Skywalker Legacy, “a feature-length documentary that chronicles the making of The Rise of Skywalker.” And sure, yes, based on its box-office success, you’ve already seen Rise of Skywalker. However, there are only so many movies on streaming that you actually want to see, and this self-quarantine might end up lasting a while. And let’s be honest, A Night at the Roxbury does not hold up like you want it to.

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And Now Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Has Arrived Early Too