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Doctors Hate Her! Dua Lipa’s 5-Minute Workout Will Get You ‘Physical’ in No Time

Dua Lipa has predicted the latest trend: canceling group-fitness classes over coronavirus concerns and getting well fit in the comfort of your own apartment/quarantine chamber. That has to be the reason why she released the “Let’s Get Physical Work Out Video” today, after already releasing a somewhat less interactive music video for her single, “Physical” in January. Whereas that video leaned heavily on the “future” aspect of her upcoming LP Future Nostalgia, this video goes for pure, uncut ’80s nostalgia, with Dua Lipa smiling and shouting words of affirmation over peppy aerobic steps, like Richard Simmons or Mousercise-era Mickey Mouse. The moves are fun and easy to bop along to, with names like the Fonda, the Rump Shaker, and the Cry Baby. And because this is 2020 and not the ’80s, there’s a reminder to drink water.

As with any good celebrity gym, half the fun of it is branded merch. Dua Lipa’s got you covered for that, too, with a link at the bottom of the video to branded sweatbands, knee socks, bodysuits, and towels that are best described as “Gold’s Gym chic.” Buy the whole set so that if you do leave the house, you can wear it to your next Pilates class to scandalize the muted Outdoor Voices crowd.

Dua Lipa Wants to Help You Get ‘Physical’ for 5 Minutes