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The Cuomo Boys Are Back at It Again, This Time Over Those Presidential Rumors

It’s really like we’re smooshed between them in the backseat of a station wagon on a long road trip at this point, isn’t it? Not in a bad way, per say. Instead of noogies and wet willies and arguments over whom Mom likes more, however, Governor Andrew Cuomo and CNN’s Chris Cuomo were back at it Monday evening, bickering on TV over recent rumors/fantasies that the elder Cuomo has his sights set on the Democratic nomination.

Even better, somehow a clear “no” turns into a full-on rendition of “Who’s on First?” “No, you won’t answer?” Chris Cuomo goads his brother. “No, you’re not thinking about it?” When Governor Cuomo insists he’s not thinking about running and definitely won’t think about it at a future date, his brother says, “How can you know what you might think about at some point right now?” Replies Andrew Cuomo, “Because I know what I might think about, and what I won’t think about. But you’re a great interviewer, by the way.” Retorts the younger Cuomo, “Appreciate it. Learned from the best.”

The Cuomo Boys Are At It Again, Now Over Presidential Rumors