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Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Abruptly Ends, Capping Off an Already Messy Season

The Resident? I don’t know her.” Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Between Alex Karev’s unceremonious departure, Amelia Shepherd’s entire pregnancy, whatever the heck is going on with Teddy, and now coronavirus-related production restraints, season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy is proving to be its messiest one yet. And that’s including season five when Izzie hallucinated having sex with Denny’s ghost. We forgive, but we do not forget. According to ABC, all the drama at Grey-Sloane Memorial this season will actually be cut short by a few episodes, making April 9’s “Put On a Happy Face” the season 16 finale. Where previous seasons have had 24 or 25 episodes, season 16 will only get 21. (This change does not affect the May 14 finales of Station 19 and How to Get Away With Murder.) On March 13, Grey’s Anatomy, along with Pose, Empire, and more, were put on pause for three weeks by Disney. The precaution came as government leaders recommended social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Per a spokesperson, the show is not planning to resume production to complete the remaining episodes of the season. But, the show is still renewed for season 17 should we as a society maintain an interest in medical dramas post-pandemic. Grey’s Anatomy is already the longest-running medical drama ever, so at this point they’re really just embarrassing all the rest.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Messy Season 16 Is Ending Early