Harry Styles May or May Not Be Dressing Up As Jerry From Cheer for Halloween

Bring it on. Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

With the end times feeling so near, thank goodness Harry Styles has given us something to look forward to months from now. This October, he’s taking over Madison Square Garden for a fancy dress party (in American: a costume party) and you’re all invited. This isn’t like that scene in Mean Girls where Cady Heron shows up in a costume and everyone else looks at her crazy. It’s full-out. “I think we’ll get as many people who are coming as possible to dress up,” Styles told Radio.com. “I’ll be dressed up. The band will be dressed up. I’ve got some ideas. One idea is the Navarro Cheer team. I’m Jerry.” Well, first of all, let’s hear that mat talk. You have to earn being Jerry. It’s not all one-liners and “Yes, girl!” Jerry Harris from Netflix’s Cheer documentary has won the hearts of viewers everywhere, including Laura Dern, Greta Gerwig, and, clearly, Harry Styles. Styles has previously dressed up as another gay sports icon, Elton John in that sparkling Dodgers uniform. Styles doesn’t need to go bespoke Gucci Navarro Cheer uniform, but how else is he going to top the Elton John-inspired look?

“Harryween” takes place October 30 and 31, for those of you who want to preserve this rare Saturday Halloween. Forever fancily dressed Orville Peck opens up both shows. Tickets go on sale this Friday, but costume brainstorming starts now.

Harry Styles Wants to Be Jerry From Cheer for ‘Harryween’