Harry Styles Says He Ran Away From Robbers While Wearing Corduroy Flare Pants

Something, something, something, he had to run in one direction. Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

If you thought your Valentine’s Day was bad, just take a look at Harry Styles. The former One Direction member was robbed at knifepoint in London on February 14, luckily escaping unscathed. Styles, who’s about to tour his album Fine Line, opened up to Howard Stern about the altercation, clarified that, hey, there was way more than just one guy trying to rob him, and admits that running away was hindered by fabulous but restricting pants. If looks could kill, et cetera.

Styles was walking home when a group of guys with hoods and masks crossed the street to follow him. After asking Styles if he wants some weed (no, not tonight), the guys started to gather around him intimidatingly. “And this was something I’ve been a little pissed off about because I’ve filed a police report so then obviously it goes into the press and everything,” he interrupted himself on The Howard Stern Show. “And they wrote that it was only one guy and I’d like to clarify that there was more than one guy.” “It was a bunch of guys,” he adds, jokingly. “It was 87 guys.” Styles gave them all the cash in his wallet, but they also wanted his phone, unlocked. “The other one pulls his shirt up and he’s got a knife sticking in his pants,” he continues. “I was like ‘Shit.’ I just said ‘I can’t.’” While he considered all his options, the streetlights changed and cars started to drive pass, so Styles dived into the road. When no cars let him in, he just started running back toward his town’s village. And therein lies the another danger: he was not wearing the right outfit. “Usually, when I’m out walking I’m wearing running stuff,” he explained. “And this is the one night I’m wearing like corduroy flares and shoes and stuff. I was like ‘I’m gonna have to fucking sprint all the way down this hill.’” By the grace of Gucci, Styles made it all the way down and out of the robbers’ reach safely.

Harry Styles Says He Dodged Robbers While Wearing Corduroys