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Drake Drops New Joint ‘When to Say When’ and ‘Chicago Freestyle’ Video

As always, Drake remains full of surprises, dropping two songs and a double video for his new tracks, “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle,” on Saturday night. Not as surprising? The actual songs, which are as quintessentially Drake as always. While the rapper might namecheck the Windy City in one of the titles, the joint visual serves as an homage to so many things close to Drake’s heart. For example, Eminem’s “Superman,” the lyrics for which you’ll recognize as soon as he sings them. Drake also shows love to Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects, where he was seen shooting (and saying hi to everybody in New York) in February. Finally, look at that beautiful goddamn melon. Drake knows and appreciates a luxury melon, and now, so can you, just as soon as you click the video above.

Drake Drops ‘When to Say When’ and ‘Chicago Freestyle’ Video