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Hoda Kotb Crying on the Today Show Will Trigger Your Allergies, Even Indoors

Times are more than tough. If humans weren’t so stubbornly resilient, we would all be puddles of tears and hand sanitizer by now. But even though all the politicians and celebrities keep telling us to stay strong, sometimes you just gotta cry. For Hoda Kotb, those emotions came spilling out on the Today show Friday morning. The host had to take a moment on air after interviewing Drew Brees about his $5 million donation to coronavirus relief in Louisiana, where Kotb lived for years. “I also think a lot of things are contagious, including generosity, so our hope is that because you let us know that you made this big generous donation, I think other people look and say, ‘Hey, we can help out, too,’” she said, about to pass it to commercial. “Drew, we love ya.” But as soon as Brees replied, “Love you, too, Hoda,” Kotb’s face fell and she began to cry. Her longtime co-host Savannah Guthrie, broadcasting from home, immediately comforted her. “Oh, Hoda … I know it’s a lot,” she said softly. “I know where your heart is, my dear.”

Hoda Kotb Crying on Today Show Will Trigger Your Allergies