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Want To Watch Netflix With Your Socially Distanced Friends? Here’s How.

Elite with friends! Photo: Netflix

I could spend a lot of time throat clearing here and telling you all about the state of the world and the coronavirus pandemic and how we’re turning to teleconferencing to replace standard human interactions because social distancing means we don’t really have another choice, but that’s not what why you’re reading this. No, you just want answers. You probably Googled something like “how to watch Netflix at same time as friends” or “stream Netflix together with friends.” Well, I have answers for you. You’re going to use a Chrome extension called Netflix Party that allows you to watch Netflix remotely with your friends. This is very easy to do, so I will make this brief.

Step 1: Download Netflix Party and install it. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed, you’ll have to download that first because the extension won’t work with other browsers like Firefox or Safari.

Step 2: Open Netflix and pick out what you want to watch with your friends. (Need inspiration? Try one of the shows on our list of comfort food TV.)

Step 3: Once the TV show or movie you chose is playing, the “NP” icon on your browser will turn red. Click that icon to get things going. You can choose if everyone in the party will be able to control the video, or just you.

Step 4: Share the URL with your friends.

That’s it. Playback rates and results may vary. Go wash your hands.

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Want To Watch Netflix With Your Socially Distanced Friends