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Jay Electronica’s Long-Awaited Debut Studio Album With Jay-Z, A Written Testimony, Is Finally Here

Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Jay Electronica’s debut album, A Written Testimony, which took a decade to finish, has made it to Tidal five full days ahead of schedule. On February 7, the elusive rapper popped out of nowhere to announce on Twitter that he had been in the studio with his mentor, Jay-Z, for the past 40 days and that in 40 days and 40 nights, his album would arrive. Well, technically 35 days later, the album is here, although the rollout hasn’t gone exactly according to plan. The listening party for A Written Testimony was canceled due to coronavirus, so the album was livestreamed, which provided its own set of issues. Technical difficulties aside, A Written Testimony is here and features James Blake, Travis Scott, Khruangbin, The-Dream, and so much Jay-Z you’ll wonder if Kanye is sitting on his ranch in Wyoming, jealous of the bond between Jays Z and Electronica. Listen to A Written Testimony, Jay Electronica’s labor of love, here.

Jay Electronica’s Debut Album, A Written Testimony, Is Here