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Jenny Lewis Leads a ‘Rabbit Hole’ Sing-along on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

Fancy going down a rabbit hole? Child star turned Rilo Kiley front woman turned solo storyteller extraordinaire Jenny Lewis stopped by those remarkably small tables and chairs at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. Lewis invited the entire audience to sing along to the first track, “Rabbit Hole,” from her recent album On the Line. “That song’s kind of a mantra,” Lewis commented afterwards. “We all know what that’s about.” Lewis brought along another heartbreak song, “Do Si Do,” and 2014’s “Just One of the Guys.” “Oh, shit” she stops abruptly in the middle of “JOOTG.” “You know what it is — I haven’t ripped off many songs before, but I have ripped off the Hot Pockets theme in like three songs. So, in my mind there was like a steaming Hot Pocket waiting for me. Sorry.” Now, every time someone asks when you’re going to find a nice partner, settle down, and have kids, just picture the glorious microwavable handheld meal you’re going to eat in your child-free home while watching the “Just One of the Guys” music video.

Jenny Lewis Leads a Sing-along on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert