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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Take Jeopardy!’s Online Test

Photo: ABC

As a welcome reprieve from your daily isolation schedule of napping, drinking, and “working,” allow Vulture to recommend this very quick activity for your noodle: Jeopardy! is now offering its online test to be taken anytime on your own schedule. Anyway, anyhow, anywhere! The news of the change actually dropped earlier this month — it used to adhere to a strict seasonal schedule — but, with more important matters of global health to worry about, we figured it would be a helpful tip to send out the Jep! signal once again. (Here’s the testing link.) Format wise, you can expect 40 questions (whoops, clues) of timed, random categories to show up, although we can assure you that the test is easier than you may expect. So, give it a try. What else were you planning to do today? Sit down and gaze at Andrew Cuomo’s biceps?

It’s the Perfect Time to Take Jeopardy!’s Online Test