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Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Might Be Comedy Double Agents for All We Know

In the newest installment for a series that we’re definitely calling “this week in Jimmy Fallon’s cute daughters” going forward, Winnie and Franny are at it again, wreaking beautiful havoc on their dad’s jokes. (Who are they working for? The other Jimmy? Sir William Maher??) The culprit in the newest Tonight Show episode is none other than “Thank You Notes,” which starts off strong … until Franny discovers one of her sound-machine buttons can trigger a chorus of boos. Then she uses her dad as a gymnastics floor. And then, she starts playing the drums so well that you might even guess the spirit of Keith Moon was trying to communicate with us. The Fallons need four takes, but they survive, so get ready for some topical jokes about Zoom.

Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Are Turning Against Him