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John Oliver Outlines the Horror of the U.S. Government’s Response to Coronavirus

If there’s one thing almost everyone has in common right now it is inescapable thoughts about the coronavirus that range from low-level hum of concern to all-out resource-hoarding panic. People are posting photos to Twitter of drugstores being wiped out of hand sanitizer. The International Olympic Committee isn’t willing to say for certain that the Tokyo games will happen this summer. (Though local organizing committees insist it will.) So, from the micro to the macro, coronavirus is affecting the lives of people across the world. But what do you do when there’s a new virus that health experts are still learning about and you maybe live in a country where you cannot trust the mixed messaging being broadcast by the high level of government officials? Those are questions John Oliver addresses in his latest deep dive on Last Week Tonight. Now go wash your hands!

John Oliver Breaks Down Coronavirus on Last Week Tonight