JoJo Wants You to ‘Chill (Stay In)’ to Stop Coronavirus

She means it. Photo: JoJo/TikTok

If you think you might “Leave (Get Out)” your house right now, JoJo has some words for you. Specifically, the queen of rerecorded music wants you to “stay in, right now,” she sings in a TikTok performance of her hit, with updated lyrics for the current coronavirus pandemic. “I never thought corona / Could be such a nasty bitch,” she sings as she pounds a beat on her dining-room table. And not only does JoJo want you to stay in — she wants you to become a better person by doing it! “You gon’ learn how to cook now,” she sings in the chorus, “and practice good hygiene.” When it comes down to it, JoJo just doesn’t get why you think this social-distancing thing is hard: “Tell me why you’re acting so confused / When the CDC laid it out for you,” she sings. “C’mon, I know you’re not dumb.” The truth! JoJo promises a full version of “Chill (Stay In)” on streaming soon. Listen to her advice, and don’t make her have to rerecord “Too Little, Too Late” again.

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JoJo Wants You to ‘Chill (Stay In)’ to Stop Coronavirus