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JoJo’s Least Favorite Song to Perform Is Actually Just Wildly Difficult

Photo: @Vulture/Instagram

If you have been oh, I dunno, fully asleep for the past several weeks, well, let’s just say you have some news to catch up on. But the main thing you’ve been missing is JoJo’s continuously superb presence on Instagram Live. First, she turned her 2004 hit “Leave (Get Out)” into the first social-distancing anthem. And she’s also been helping us pass the days, weeks, months(!?) in isolation with a series of soothing covers. So when we decided to introduce a live version of our Superlatives franchise, Superlative Sessions, it was a no-brainer who should debut the series. JoJo answered some of our biggest questions, from “What’s your favorite song to perform live?” to “What song of yours do you think has aged the worst?” And we also learned she has a perfect dog who is Very Good.

We also got the chance to ask her some bonus questions, because why not treat ourselves? So, here we go:

What’s your worst song?
“Yes or No.” I was 12 when I wrote it, gimme a break!

First song you ever learned?
“On Broadway” by George Benson. My mom used to play all types of music in the house when I was growing up, but soul and jazz resonated with me particularly strongly. This song always brings me back to that time and it brings me such joy.

Song you’re most proud of writing?
“Thinking Out Loud” from my Agape mixtape. The lyrics are real and raw, from a real-life relationship of my own at the time — truly a cathartic experience for me.

Most Canonically New England Song?
“I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys. You can’t hear this song and not think of Boston. It makes me feel a very close connection to my Irish roots.

JoJo’s Least Favorite Song to Perform Is Wildly Difficult