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There’s Nothing You Can Name That’s Anything Like a Dame Judi Dench Coronavirus PSA

The other dames are shaking. Sensing that we still might be reeling from the revelation that she hasn’t bothered seeing her finest acting work to date (um, yeah, it’s Cats), Judi Dench put on her fluffiest dog hat and reminded us to keep calm and carry on in these troubling times. “Just keep laughing,” she says. “That’s all we can do.” No, Mr. Mistoffelees doesn’t come in for a surprise cameo, and neither does fellow dame Maggie Smith in full Dowager Countess garb. Just enjoy. And maybe wish that you, too, owned lush garden property in the Cotswolds, and not that drab shoebox in Crown Heights.

Please Take 10 Seconds to Watch Judi Dench’s Coronavirus PSA