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Kanye West Brings Sunday Service to Paris Fashion Week

Photo: Instagram: kanyewestaurant_

Kanye West, as you may have heard, semi-recently rebranded as a sort of pastor. He stages a weekly Sunday Service for groups of select churchgoers, for example Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt and the people of Coachella. This being fashion month, and West being a very fashion guy, he brought the experience to Paris, holding a surprise Sunday Service early this morning at the Bouffes du Nord theater. Kanye reportedly announced the plan late Saturday night, tacking on invites to his Yeezy season 8 show on Monday. As per usual, participants all wore beige — there is always a dress code for Sunday Service, typically a Yeezy uniform in a muted neutral — with the choir circling around a piano in the center of the stage.

A number of celebs and big names from the fashion industry turned up: Jacquemus, the famed designer of teeny tiny purses, was there, as were Michèle Lamy and Haider Ackermann. Kim Kardashian West attended along with Kourtney Kardashian, the pair of them in Balmain latex suits.

According to Dazed, Kanye didn’t take a particularly active role in the service, although he did sing “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.” Vogue reports that he also delivered a sermon that gently admonished the crowd for its assumed materialism: “A lot of time we put our faith and trust in people, we put our faith and trust in material things,” he said, listing off a collection of items — watches, cars, “our favorite outfit” — people sometimes prioritize over God. “A lot of times those things fail us.” A bold tack for fashion week, and perhaps something to keep in mind if ever you find yourself perusing the $50 socks and $225 sweatshirts from Kanye’s special church merch line.

Kanye West Brings Sunday Service to Paris Fashion Week