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Hey, All You Cool Cats and Kittens, Kate McKinnon Is Playing Tiger King’s Carole Baskin

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Have you always dreamed of watching Kate McKinnon feed a tiger dressed exclusively in animal print? Well, your wish has been granted, as the Emmy-winning SNL vet is executive-producing a limited series in which she will star as the notorious CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Carole Baskin. While already a household name in the big-cat community, Carole Baskin has recently reached new levels of infamy for starring in the absolutely bizarre Netflix documentary Tiger King, whose drama is literally still unfolding. Deadline reports that the six-episode limited series is not a fictional adaptation of the Netflix documentary, but rather is based on Joe Exotic, the second season of Wondery’s Over My Dead Body podcast.

Like the documentary and the podcast, the series will follow McKinnon’s Carole Baskin in her quest to take down Joe Exotic, rid the world of illegal big-cat zoos, and half-heartedly convince the world that she probably didn’t feed her millionaire husband to her beloved tigers. So far, McKinnon is the only star attached to the project, which leaves the rest of the cast of characters wide open for any lucky actor to proverbially sink their teeth into. Some stars, like Dax Shepard, are actively campaigning for roles while others, like Woody Harrelson, have their vocal champions. Let’s hope McKinnon has the good sense to cast her SNL pal Chloe Fineman as Carole’s body double in Joe Exotic’s music video “Here Kitty Kitty,” because her Carole impression is truly purrrrrfect.

Kate McKinnon Set to Star As Tiger King’s Carole Baskin