Kelly Clarkson Presents a Mariah Carey Kellyoke, Live From Her Cabin in Montana

Photo: Kelly Clarkson/Instagram

Not even a quarantine can keep Kelly Clarkson down. The singer and TV host — who, don’t you worry, is safe in her cabin in the middle of Montana — posted an a cappella cover of Mariah Carey’s “Vanishing” to Instagram, because the Kellyoke must go on! After a contestant performed the song on The Voice last night, Clarkson let slip that she’s a Mariah fan (like everyone), prompting Ms. Carey to tweet at her about track five. Clarkson made do without a band, instead leaning into the acoustics of her bathroom. “That time ur quarantined, ur kids r sleeping so ur stuck in a bathroom & ur glam squad’s nowhere in sight 👀,” she wrote. After singing a bit of the song, she stops to apologize for messing up the song (we heard no such mistakes) and talk about social distancing. “This is just a really crappy time, but that’s okay. We’re gonna get through it,” she says.

The Kelly Clarkson Show has, along with most other talk shows, stopped production, but it’s been able to air new, previously filmed episodes for now. (Check out Kelly’s cover of “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline from yesterday.) In her Instagram video, Clarkson said that along with working with her band to post more covers, she might do some interviews, too — with the ranch hands who are still around. As long as they stay six feet apart!

Kelly Clarkson Covers Mariah Carey, Live From Her Cabin