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We Now Know More About Lana Del Rey’s Cop Ex-Boyfriend Than We Ever Needed To

Pour one out for the most chaotic celebrity relationship of 2019. Photo: Getty Images

Lana Del Rey and her cop boyfriend Sean “Sticks” Larkin are officially no more. The Live PD star confirmed in a New York Times profile (what a cursed phrase that is) that he broke up with the singer-songwriter, after they started spending time together late last summer. “Right now, we’re just friends,” he told the Times. “We still talk and whatnot, we just have busy schedules right now.” Yet somehow, as a true sign of The End Times, that’s far from the wildest detail in Larkin’s Times outing.

“He likes simple things: CrossFit, mountain biking,” writer Lindsey Underwood assures us about Larkin. He became worried about gangs while growing up in San Francisco before moving to Oklahoma to go to college at Langston University, a historically black university. (If you couldn’t tell by now, he’s white.) He won’t even talk about how he met Del Rey, which is funny when you consider that he got a Times profile because he dated her in the first place. But, anyway. Larkin assures us that “of course” he knew who Del Rey was when he dated her, if you want to trust a cop about this. Although, if you ever doubted their relationship, you can be sure it was official because they went to Target together.

Larkin was “not at all” nervous when he accompanied Del Rey to the Grammys. “We drive cars 120 miles per hour, and I don’t want to sound like a tough guy, but I mean, when you’re behind a known shooting suspect and he jumps out the car running, you’ve got to get out chasing,” he said, in a comment totally relevant to accompanying your musician ex-girlfriend to an awards show. Nope, no toxic masculinity here! “I’m not trying to sound like a bravado tough guy, just like, you know.” Do we?

Larkin also has two kids, 17 and 22, who were rightfully shook to find out that their white-bread cop dad was dating Lana Del freakin’ Rey. They keep him up to date on music, he says, which … helps in his line of work? “If you stop them in a car and they’ve got whoever playing the radio, and you know who it is, you start talking to them about it, and it’s kind of an icebreaker,” he said, because it’s always good to break the ice before you arrest someone.

If you’ll remember, Del Rey previously told the Los Angeles Times that Larkin was “a good cop.” However, she “did not respond to a request for comment for this article” in the New York Times. And that’s that on that! Meanwhile, Del Rey has been recording new music in quarantine, including something titled “If this is the end …I want a boyfriend.” A relatable queen once more.

We Know More About Lana Del Rey’s Cop Ex Than We Needed To