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Lindsay Lohan Says ‘I’m Back’ in Twitter Video Teasing New Music

Lindsay Lohan Photo: James Gourley/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan didn’t want to speak too soon. Sure, she teased her long-rumored comeback single “Xanax” on Virgin Radio Dubai last August, and later posted a music video on Instagram in September, but the song quickly disappeared and never made it to Spotify. Now, in a Twitter video teasing new music, she’s officially saying “I’m back” — in fact, that’s all she says. The 25 seconds of buildup show a TV screen with paparazzi footage of Lohan, with audio of TV announcers saying “Lindsay Lohan” over a potential new song in the background. In case you didn’t know who’s back, it’s … Lindsay Lohan. Her tweet links to a page to pre-save an unnamed new single on Spotify.

On CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live 2020, Andy Cohen asked Lohan about the “Xanax” single release. “Andy, you’re getting it after the New Year,” she replied to the host, also adding that she plans to move back to the United States in 2020 after spending a few years in Dubai and later Muscat, Oman, and hobnobbing with the president of Turkey. Not to mention, she has less business on the other side of the world now that she’s been let go as a panelist on The Masked Singer Australia. So here we are, three months after the New Year — never mind nearly 12 years after she released her last single, “Bossy” — and everything might finally be in place for her to make good on that promise of new music.

Lindsay Lohan Says ‘I’m Back’ in Video Teasing New Music