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Dua Lipa Is the Quarantine Queen With New Single ‘Break My Heart’

While the coronavirus has postponed Broadway shows and delayed highly anticipated albums, one thing it can’t stop (now) is Dua Lipa. First, she releases the quarantine anthem “Don’t Start Now” with the social-distance-positive refrain, “Don’t show up, don’t come out, don’t start caring about me now.” Then earlier this week, Dua Lipa announced that she was releasing her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, on March 27, a full week earlier than originally planned. Now, her latest single, “Break My Heart,” has arrived, and it’s clear that Dua has no plans on relinquishing her crown as reigning quarantine queen.

“I want to stay home, cuz I was doing better alone,” she sings on the catchy chorus, fully adhering to Governor Cuomo’s powerpoint presentation. However, Dua slips up because of a boy and ends up breaking social distancing protocol, only to regret it immediately after. “I should have stayed at home,” she sings the next time, regretting her decision to disobey Daddy Cuomo and venture out into the world beyond. Don’t make the same mistake Dua Lipa did: Stay at home and listen to her song “Break My Heart.”

Dua Lipa Is Queen of Quarantine With Single ‘Break My Heart’