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The Weeknd’s New Album After Hours Is Out, So Hurry Up and Get Heartbroken

Shockingly, no Safdie Brothers features on the album. Photo: NBC

In normal, not panic-inducing, world-sinking news (unless you’re Bella Hadid), the Weeknd is back with a brand new album. Amid government orders to stay indoors, the Weeknd reminds you just how fun partying is … most of the time. The music video for After Hours single “Blinding Lights” follows the singer through a rough night in Las Vegas, where he ends up with a bloody, broken nose. The Weeknd promoted the album and its singles “After Hours,” “Heartless,” “Blinding Lights,” and “Scared to Live” on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he dressed up as his character from the music video, bloody nose and all. Ooh, conceptual.

Fans have already put on their little houndstooth caps and pulled out their magnifying glasses to investigate the lyrics on After Hours. If you’ll recall, Abel Tesfaye went through a second Bella Hadid breakup last fall. “Is that Bella’s laugh in Snowchild? Lol My boy’s in love fr,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Damn just heard Scared to Live,” another fan tweeted. “Abel & Bella are DONE done lmao.” “Escape from LA is inspired by bella hadid.. chrome hearts????? oh yes abel we know you love her,” said a different fan. While, Bella Hadid is all over this album, some fans also see a little of his other ex, Selena Gomez, on After Hours. “Save Your Tears” mentions a “crowded room,” which is also the name of a new Selena Gomez song. He did just spend My Dear Melancholy singing about her, but it’s enough coincidence for — at least — the eyes emoji. In the time of social distancing, any opportunity to be messy about other people’s exes is much needed.

The Weeknd Dropped After Hours, So Hurry, Get Heartbroken