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We’ll Be Deciphering Madonna’s Quarantine Tub Diaries for the Rest of Our Lives

Photo: Madonna/Instagram

As COVID-19 continues to remind certain celebrities that they are, in fact, human, Madonna is the latest entertainer to turn her Instagram into a venting space. The icon is keeping a self-isolation video diary now, where you can hear her list her favorite artists, watch her talk in the tub about how coronavirus is the great equalizer (a good thing and a bad thing), and vow that she will definitely be a “more tolerant person” after the pandemic passes, just before praising the superiority of lemon tea (“There’s nothing quite like it”). During her day-four typewriting video in a room with moody lighting and many candles, Madonna also tells us that what she really misses, “and this is true,” is “being able to talk in front of an audience every night” — which really feels like it explains a lot. Here are the diaries:

And here’s some bonus content, including her reflections in the tub and her singing into a hairbrush.

Try to Decipher Madonna’s Quarantine Tub Diaries