Cool Mom Mariah Carey and Dem Babies Demonstrate the Correct Way to Wash Dem Hands

The Emancipation of Mrs. Meyers. Photo: Courtesy of @mariahcarey/TikTok

In 2019, Mariah Carey won the TikTok dance challenge where users danced to her song “Fantasy” … by dancing to her song “Fantasy.” Now, she’s started a new “Fantasy” challenge, involving less choreography and much more WHO-guideline awareness. On Friday, Mariah posted a TikTok of her and her adorable twins, Moroccan and Monroe, washing their hands in their Batman and Elsa pajamas (because stars, they’re just like us) in a gold sink (because stars: LOL, jk never mind). She tees them up: “Are you ready? We got 20 seconds!” Then the kids turn to the camera and sing along to O.D.B.’s verse from “Fantasy (Remix)” while scrubbing, which is honestly more multitasking than most of us can do. The timer goes off, the kids cheer, it’s a party. Mariah posted the TikTok to Twitter with the caption: “Exercising this to 20 seconds of Ol’ Dirty Bastard! Wash your hands! Stay safe!!!” Mariah and her babies are America’s First Family and we should treat them as such: by airing this as a coronavirus prevention public service announcement. If anyone has the power to stop the spread and raise awareness of best practices, it’s them.

Cool Mom Mariah Carey Demonstrates How to Wash Your Hands