Label Drama Over Contract Dispute Has Megan Tweeting #FreeTheeStallion

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Billboard

Get ready to ride ’til you can’t no more. While just last week Megan Thee Stallion was hoping to release her upcoming album Suga on May 2, allegedly her attempt to renegotiate her contract with one of her two labels has resulted in a freeze on her planned release, putting your Hot Girl Summer plans in dangerous peril.

According to the Texas-born rapper, when she signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment several years ago, she didn’t understand the terms to which she was agreeing, but trusted the “family” vibe of the organization. “When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract,” Megan explained on Instagram Live this weekend. “When I got with Roc Nation, I got management, real management, I got real lawyers. They was like, ‘Do you know that this is in your contract?’ And I was like, ‘Oh damn, that’s crazy. No, I didn’t know.’”

When she subsequently attempted to revise her contract with 1501, the rapper claims, “Soon as I said, ‘I want to renegotiate my contract,’ everything went left. It just all went bad.” As a result, Megan says, any upcoming plans to release an album have allegedly been temporarily suspended: “Now they’re telling a bitch that she can’t drop no music!”

As for fans, well, all they can do is wait. Oh, and use the #FreeTheeStallion hashtag Megan kicked off this weekend. “It’s not that I literally didn’t read it,” the rapper clarified on Twitter Sunday. “It’s that I didn’t understand some of the the verbiage at the time and now that I do, I just want it corrected.”

Label Drama Has Megan Tweeting #FreeTheeStallion