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Enjoy Michael Shannon Doing a Little Monologue at Home With an Absolutely Perfect Camera Angle

Watching the above video, you might at first think, Does Michael Shannon know how to properly film himself? before quickly realizing that, as in all things, Michael Shannon knows exactly what he’s doing. Shannon, our finest super-serious actor’s actor, recorded the above monologue as part of 24 Hour Plays’ “Viral Monologues” series, in which various actors read short plays by various playwrights. Shannon’s play Flimsy Machine happens to be written by Will Arbery, of the acclaimed Off Broadway shows Plano and Heroes of the Fourth Turning. On 24 Hour Plays’ Instagram, you can also watch Daveed Diggs talk about a hat, Succession’s Nicholas Braun trying to do home exercises, The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper with a dog, Patrick Wilson talking about a poster of the band Ratt, and Vulture’s favorite power couple, Becky Ann and Dylan Baker, hanging out with a kayak paddle. So many fun props! So many interesting camera choices. Scroll through Insta a bit and get yourself some art.

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Michael Shannon Monologues at Home to a Perfect Camera Angle