bye corona!

The Knack Finally Does the ‘My Sharona’ Parody You’ve Been Waiting For

We don’t care who you are or what your credentials are to make a coronavirus hit — you’ve got nothing on the original, the Knack. The New Wave group’s 1979 debut hit, “My Sharona,” became a natural anthem for the coronavirus pandemic as “My Corona.” Now, a few members of the Knack have come back to really show you how it’s done. For starters, it’s called “Bye, Corona!”, as the Knack is a decidedly anti-coronavirus band. Founding member and guitarist Berton Averre said he wanted to record a parody, “because apparently, there aren’t enough of them,” but didn’t know how to do so without the group’s singer Doug Fieger, who died in 2010. His dogs Freddy and Winnie gave him the idea to demonstrate how to play the song’s iconic guitar solo, then bass player Prescott Niles came in via video to sing, “Bye, corona!” And yes, Averre made sure to disinfect his fret board afterward. They returned when we needed them the most, and they might just save us all.

The Knack Does ‘My Sharona’ Parody You’ve Been Waiting For