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Damian From Love Is Blind Was Catfished Into Joining the Show

As if there weren’t already enough bullets to dodge on Tinder, Damian from Love Is Blind has a cautionary tale about how he went from swiping right in the comfort of his home to sitting on Ellen with his ex-fiancée. The Love Is Blind cast (“Well, you’re not a cast,” Ellen roasts them) rode their internet fame right on over to Ellen on Tuesday and explained how a bunch of aggressively normal people, and not ten Instagram influencers, ended up on Netflix. For some of them, all it took was a casting producer sliding into their DMs. But Damian’s explanation for how he ended up on Love Is Blind is less of an advertisement for risking it all in the name of love and more of an advertisement for 20 cats. “Started chatting with this girl, hit it off, she’s like, ‘Add me on Instagram,’” he laughed. “Had, like, a pretty good connection and then she’s like, ‘I’m a casting producer, and I’m a catfish.’ So now, I’m here.” Add reality-TV-show producers to the list of Tinder threats, right up there with unwanted nudes and bad pickup lines. But you know what? It worked out for him, so maybe … love … is … blind.

Love Is Blind’s Damian Was Catfished Into Joining the Show