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Watch Offset’s Acting Debut on NCIS (and Hear His Unreleased Track ‘Danger’)

Inspired by his wife’s turn in Hustlers (probably), Offset made his acting debut on NCIS: Los Angeles last night (though some of us distinctly remember Migos’s scene-stealing Atlanta cameo), playing an undercover investigator named Kadri, who reluctantly helps out the L.A. team. Kadri has to risk his cover in order to save NCIS agent Fatima Namazi from a hostage situation. Longtime NCIS star and musician LL Cool J helped get the rapper’s foot in the door and Offset took it from there. The Migos rapper isn’t doing a full 180 though — word to Dua Lipa. Clips from the episode, including the one above, feature a snippet of his unreleased track “Danger.” Although initial reports said that the song was set to premiere during the episode, it still doesn’t have an official release. At this point, what comes first, an Offset Grammy or an Offset Emmy? (The answer is obviously a Cardi B Oscar.)

Watch Offset’s Acting Debut on NCIS: Los Angeles