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Onward Jumps to Disney+ Two Weeks After Hitting Theaters

This elf is Spider-Man. Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Desperate parents everywhere: Disney has heard your cries. If your household won’t survive another Frozen viewing/sing-along, how about Onward? Onward, the latest one-word animated feature from Pixar is heading to digital download after just two weeks in theaters, as cinemas across the globe have shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For those who didn’t make it opening weekend, Disney is releasing the kids’ movie for digital download early, on March 20 at 8 p.m. Eastern or Disney+ subscribers can wait and watch on April 3 instead. Onward follows Avengers buddies Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as brothers (and elves) on a mission to bring their dad back to life … after reincarnating only his bottom half. Yes, the main protagonists of this movie are elf Chris Pratt, elf Tom Holland, and their pants dad, but at least they don’t sing “Let It Go.”

On March 13, Disney released catnip for kids, Frozen 2, on Disney+ to help entertain all the kids home from school. Several other studios, including Warner Bros. and Universal, plan to forgo waiting between theatrical releases and video on demand for their upcoming films. That’s includes other famously not Frozen kids movie, Trolls World Tour, which will hit VOD and theaters (provided they’re open) on April 10.

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Onward Jumps to Disney+ Two Weeks After Hitting Theaters