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Jerry Gergich Does Entire Coronavirus PSA Without Having a Fart Attack

At least with the world coming to an end, we can seek comfort in always knowing Lord Sheldon needs gel for his anus. Jim O’Heir, who portrayed Larry, Terry, Garry, Barry Jerry Gergich throughout Parks and Recreation’s reign, posted a social-media PSA about the importance of staying in during the coronavirus pandemic. It is, obviously, very easy for Jerry to social distance, as he has three beautiful daughters and an ex–Sports Illustrated centerfold wife to keep him company. (We’ve thought about it a lot, and there’s no logical explanation.) “The Gergiches are hunkered down, we’re not going anywhere,” he explained. “We’ve got some foods and we’re ready for our breakfast, because we have a little song we sing every day for breakfast.” He’s also very sorry that he sounded braggy about the family’s timeshare in Muncie. So, don’t laugh at him. This isn’t the time when he put lighter fluid in Li’l Sebastian’s ceremonial torch instead of propane. This is serious!

Jerry Gergich Does Coronavirus PSA With Zero Fart Attacks