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Bill Maher Hopes Some Reverse ‘Lock Him Up!’ Psychology Will Quarantine Trump

With his staffers serving as a live audience due to coronavirus concerns, Bill Maher (before taking Real Time on a temporary hiatus) dedicated his opening monologue to how the country went from “zero to crazy in about three seconds” thanks to the meteoric spread, and inadequate government response, of COVID-19. “There’s a new protocol in place, because Trump, whenever he talks, things get worse. So it’s called: Operation Shut the Fuck Up,” Maher explained. “Because, you know, Trump, he was in the Rose Garden today, and he’s lost if he can’t brag about the stock market. He’s like a porn star whose dick fell off. He’s got nothing!” Maher also implored Trump, who said he’s “most likely” going to be tested for the coronavirus, to go away for awhile with a pool of Purell — especially since he stood in close proximity to a Brazilian officer who tested positive. “He’s been exposed, and is exposing himself constantly to people who have the virus,” Maher said. “The Brazilian dude, and the guy at CPAC, and the congressman. He needs to be quarantined! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Bill Maher Insists ‘Exposed’ Trump Should Be Quarantined