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Rihanna Will Give You Vocals and Medical Equipment in the Same Week

Anything for the man who gave us “Work,” “Sex With Me,” and “Wild Thoughts.” Photo: Getty Images

I must issue a retraction for a previous statement. Yesterday, I claimed Rihanna was “too busy being a good citizen to release new music.” Today, she indeed appeared on “BELIEVE IT” off PartyNextDoor’s new album PARTYMOBILE — all while leading the response to a global pandemic. In a story about her feature on the song, Rolling Stone reports that “Rihanna didn’t send over her contribution until Monday.” In case you’ve lost track of the days lately, that’s Monday, as in the day after her Clara Lionel Foundation donated $5 million to fight COVID-19 and three days before she donated personal protective equipment to the state of New York. We get it, she’s been busy! Knowing Rihanna had priorities, PartyNextDoor had his girlfriend record stand-in vocals on the song before he had Rihanna’s harmonies in hand, producer Bizness Boi said. We thank PartyNextDoor’s girlfriend for her service to this country.

Rihanna Gives Vocals and Medical Equipment in the Same Week