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How Is Sarah Palin Rapping ‘Baby Got Back’ Not the Craziest Thing Going on Right Now?

All the dystopian YA fiction in the world couldn’t have prepared us for this. As the world battles a global pandemic, the NBA shuts down, and Chet Hanks, of all people, has to console the world, Sarah Palin is making a career pivot to rapping bear. Palin was unmasked as the Bear on The Masked Singer last night and rapped Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” It’s unclear why any of that needed to happen. Maybe the 56-year-old former Alaskan governor missed being on Fox. Did no one tell her this is the wrong one? The judges’s guesses ranged from Christina Applegate to Tina Fey, who impersonated the governor on Saturday Night Live. Listen, we hope Tina Fey is out there booked and busy, but a Tina Fey/Sarah Palin fake out would be so much easier to process. Between this and Pete Buttigieg guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, politicians are having a moment. I just wish they would take a moment to seriously think about the issues impacting our country.

How Is Sarah Palin Rapping Not the Craziest Thing Going On?