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Are Jellyfish Monsters Coming To Kill These People In The Sea Fever Trailer?

If you were a marine biology student, being on a boat that was overrun by a never-before encountered oceanic organism could be very awesome. The thrill of discovery! But the situation gets less awesome when the organisms are jellyfish-like monsters that are eating away at the hull of your vessel and have mouths (or at least orifices) that look like pulsating intestines. Also, the creatures are infecting your water supply, and no one on the crew really likes you because you, the marine biologist, are an introvert and don’t make friends easily.

That’s the pickle that Hermione Corfield finds herself in as Siobhán, who somehow has to be the cooler head prevailing when a deadly infection starts spreading among everyone on the fishing boat she’s tagged along with. See if the crew survives when Sea Fever opens in theaters and lands on VOD on April 10.

Sea Fever Trailer: Beware These Jellyfish Monsters