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Let’s Take a Closer Look at Seth Meyers’s Sweater on ‘A Closer Look’

Breaking: Dashing housebound late-night host Seth Meyers wore a chunky shawl-neck sweater in front of a bookshelf. He looks so dapper yet cozy it would make Chris Evans in Knives Out blush. In his straight-to-YouTube “A Closer Look” segment, he looks like he’s doing stern librarian ASMR role-play. He humblebrags that without a professional television makeup crew he looks “like a ghost in a bookstore,” as if Timothée Chalamet hasn’t been stealing hearts with that very aesthetic for the past three years.

Also, he gives insightful, urgent, funny commentary about how poorly Trump has bungled the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, criticizing Trump’s misinformation-spreading television appearances and petty feuding with Governor Andrew Cuomo: “States don’t pay tribute,” says Seth, before launching into an extended cutaway where Trump is a bloated emperor, demanding exotic gifts (Mr. Met) in exchange for “two ventilators.” Seth lambasts Trump for treating coronavirus like a conspiracy designed to hurt his campaign for reelection, and reasserts the severity of the health crisis: “I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but you can’t even go outside lately!” The Late Night with Seth Meyers Photoshop team is also doing some of their most inspired, demented work, including a sight gag of a beagle-size Trump begging like a dog for a McNugget, and a reimagining of BBC Dad with Pence as the dad and Trump as the baby who barges in. Also, Seth whips out his deep appreciation for Bernie Sanders going full sarcastic grandpa, makes a Raven-Symoné joke with a callback (kudos to the writer behind that one), and feuds with a loud bird. Our shelter-in-place sweater king.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Seth Meyers’s Sweater