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Seth Rogen’s Cats Review Is Perfect

Photo: Universal Pictures

Earlier this week, Seth Rogen (we assume on Vulture’s recommendation) spent the evening watching the movie Cats. He decided to take a lot of drugs while watching, and the results, which he livetweeted, still made for a rather comprehensive and perceptive review of the film. Critics have described Cats, an adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, as everything from “not a catastrophe” to “bad” to “insane,” which was also the tone of the actor’s tweets. And, while sporadic, Rogen’s observations did hit on some of the same inconsistencies that critical reviews of the film did. For example, he observed that the scale and size of the cats relative to their surroundings was illogical and erratic:

Furthermore, he noted inconsistencies when it came to cat nudity, as well as their disturbing physical characteristics:

Indeed, the appearance of the cats in Cats was a big issue upon its release, with the Wrap describing their appearance as “un-catty valley hybrid of physical and digital,” and the National Posnoting that the “unsettling fur-covered quasi-nudity of the cats is a common theme among the professional film reviewer.” And their appearance is indeed unsettling: Some cats were given secondary sex characteristics, such as breasts, but none of the cats were given genitals. That’s not to say the film wasn’t overtly sexual. The Guardian, in fact, described the film as “an orgy of throbbing tales.”

In a final note to his review, Rogan called for the release of “the Butthole Cut of Cats!!” which led to the hashtag “#ReleaseTheButtholeCut” trending on Twitter. Is it an urban legend, or something more?

Seth Rogen’s Cats Review Is Perfect