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John Mulaney Will Sexually Confuse You With His Sound of Music Nazi, Who’s 33 Going on 46

The country? Austria. The year? 1930-bad. The Sound of Music’s Rolf (John Mulaney) and Liesl (Cecily Strong) are sharing a romantic gazebo moment well before, ugh, the von Trapps have to escape the Nazis, but something seems … off about Rolf. “Age is just a number that the government keeps track of,” he reminds Liesel as he increases his years to 33, 38, 41, and eventually 46. “You’re only as old as you feel. Do you know what statutory means? It means I looked it up and we’re on the right side of the cusp.” Given that she’s rich and good with puppets and he’s just a geriatric telegram boy, she’s not exactly sure the math is in her favor. Also, he only owns a bike and still lives with his mom? That’s a dealbreaker, ladies. And he’s older than her dad, the captain? As Rolf not incorrectly notes, “Damn, how sexy is that.”

Mulaney Will Sexually Confuse You With Sound of Music Nazi