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Survive Trailer: Sophie Turner Grew Strong and Learned How to Get Along

We’re not even sure how the Queen of the North would handle this. And us? No way. In the trailer for one of Quibi’s upcoming shows, Survive, Sophie Turner stars as a young woman who leaves a group home for “the broken, the sad, and the suffering,” only to hop on a plane that crashes into a bone-chillingly cold mountain. Another passenger (Corey Hawkins) manages to survive the crash with her, but their real test of survival soon begins: They have to navigate the brutal wilderness to get to safety, avoiding all of those wolves and, oh God, random acts of avalanches. “This is me,” she narrates, “the lost and forgotten.” The show will debut on April 6. Please stay home.

Survive Trailer: Sophie Turner Tries to Keep on Survivin’