Sophie Turner ‘Doesn’t Give a F’ About Your Freedom, Thinks Evangeline Lilly Should Stay Indoors

Sansa isn’t messing around. Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

The Queen of the North has a message for Kate from Lost, and it’s to stay bloody home. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner did an Instagram Live video on Saturday, and went off on people who refuse to social distance and self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. Turner began the video with her signature “here’s the tea” opener before dragging those who value their own “freedom” over the health and safety of the general public. “Stay inside. Don’t be fucking stupid, even if you count your freedom over your health. I don’t give a ‘F’ about your freedom. You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this.” The stakes are demonstrably higher for Turner than most as she’s expecting a child with Joe Jonas, and is thus responsible for providing the world with its very first Bonus Jonas.

Turner’s video comes days after Evangeline Lilly declared that she will not be social distancing, posting a photo of herself on Instagram with the hashtags #morningtea and #businessasusual after dropping her children off at a gymnastics camp. It’s officially the Tale of Two Teas: Here’s the tea vs. #morningtea. Turner’s tells you to stay inside, while Lilly’s thinks you can continue going about your life as usual. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization are all drinking Turner’s tea. The only person drinking Lilly’s tea is the lead singer of a psychobilly band. But, the choice is technically still yours.

Sophie Turner ‘Doesn’t Give a F’ About Your Freedom