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Stevie Nicks Takes This Opportunity to Tell Harry Styles Fine Line Is His Rumours

In times of distress, it’s important to reflect on the things you care about and to let people know you care. At least that seems to be Stevie Nicks’s approach to the ongoing global pandemic. The Fleetwood Mac singer let everyone know she was staying indoors via Twitter March 23 and shared her secret for coping: Fine Line by Harry Styles. “I am getting all my paintings and drawings out ~ listening to music (mostly Harry Styles’ “Fine Line”) and being inspired by him to write some new songs and poetry,” she wrote, adding a “~” here and there. “Way to go H.~ it is your Rumours…” Assuming she’s not just talking about all the drugs they both did in the making of, this is 100 percent the kind of compliment you decide to tweet after spending three days inside, thinking about your own legacy. Nicks and Styles have developed a loving mentor-mentee (probably) relationship since he left One Direction. Frankly, this is exactly the kind of public affirmation we all need in the end times. Nicks is optimistic about the whole coronavirus of it all, though, adding: “Just Dance~ This will pass~ Love will find a way~ It always does” and “P.S. I’ll be in touch…” Is a Harry Styles–inspired Stevie Nicks album too crazy of a dream?

Stevie Nicks Calls Harry Styles’s Fine Line His Rumours