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The Good Fight Season 4 Trailer: Christine Baranski Zips Up a Catsuit and Takes on the Superrich

The wildest, most up-to-date (and pee tape–obsessed) show on a streaming service you probably only use for Star Trek or Survivor is coming back wilder than ever. In the The Good Fight’s fourth season, as revealed in the trailer above, Diane Lockhart is taking on the superrich and fighting a mysterious Trump-esque memo that protects them, while also taking the time to climb into a leather catsuit and hanging out with Cush Jumbo, Audra McDonald, and every New York theater actor you can think of (and also Hugh Dancy, who joins the cast this season). The Good Fight’s fourth season premieres on April 9 on CBS All Access. Given that production on the series was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, CBS anticipates delays in the release of the episodes in the back half of the season, and hopes to finish production on the series’s last few episodes soon. That doesn’t mean it’d rewrite anything to include the coronavirus pandemic, but then again, The Good Fight is maybe the only show we’d trust to do a good episode about it.

Good Fight Season 4 Trailer: Diane Takes on the Superrich