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We’re Unsure How Jimmy Fallon Survived This Monologue, But He Did, and We’re Proud of Him

Time for a cute chaos agent reprise. Doing yet another at-home edition Tonight Show while his two daughters, Winnie and Franny, tried to figure out what he does for a living, what should’ve been a quick monologue for Jimmy Fallon somehow turned into the following series of events: (1) a gummy-worm odyssey, (2) his face becoming a Play-Doh canvas, and (3) a silent plea for Xanax when he realized he became the second priority to Chutes and Ladders. “Do you feel like laughing at daddy’s jokes?” Silence. “Are you guys ready for the monologue?” More silence. “Can you whisper?” Actual silence, funny enough. His pained look at 4:34 should get an Emmy.

Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Go Nuts During Monologue, Again