Doc Antle Was Hiding in Plain Sight During Britney Spears’s ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ VMAs Performance

Forget about that bodacious snake! Britney Spears’s infamous “I’m a Slave 4 U” performance at the VMAs was 19 years ago, and harks back to a simpler time when women could cuddle with reptiles and/or rock an exquisite cut-out dress outside the confines of their home. But perhaps this newfound Tiger King fact about the gig will make you look back on the moment far less fondly (because apparently everyone is legally required to watch Tiger King now): None other than Doc Antle, tiger provider to the stars, mentor to Joe Exotic, and potentially wanted man, was standing next to Spears the entire time. Well, standing next to Spears in a cage, as he was hired to handle a fluffy tiger to enhance the singer’s jungle theme. But there he is at the beginning, his Fabio-esque locks blowing in the wind. You can’t unsee it.

Doc Antle Was in Britney Spears’s Infamous VMA Performance